Search Engine Intelligence(tm) is the magazine of contextual marketing, keyword marketing, internet advertising, and web-based promotion strategies. With news, opinion, and strategies covering the search engine industry.

Search Engine Intelligence™
is the magazine of contextual marketing — including keyword marketing, internet advertising, and web-based promotion strategies. With news, opinion, and techniques covering the search engine industry.

Offered as both a printed edition annual subscription, and PDF via e-mail, this bi-monthly magazine is a "must read" for any marketing strategist who wants to understand and implement contextual marketing strategies using the Internet and search engine keyword programs. Qualified professionals can obtain a free subscription by filling out a brief industry survey (available on the website shortly).

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Editorial Focus
Search Engine Intelligence™ covers the industry trends, mergers and competitive nature of the search engines, including the evolving "empires" of Google, Yahoo!/Overture, and MSN.

The goal is to help companies and marketing professionals understand the opportunities, pitfalls, and methodologies for using the Internet to drive brand awareness. With more than 75% of Internet-users starting their Web browsing with a search engine, it's more important than ever for businesses and organizations to understand how to position themselves so that they can be "found."

Additionally, regular topics will include:

  • Keyword marketing techniques, step-by-step using Google's AdWords and contextual content placement on sites like Comparisons and round-ups of differing solutions from other search engine portals.
  • Where are the clicks coming from? An ongoing tracking project based on the traffic reports of 100 websites across all industries, showing which search engines actually drive qualified traffic to websites. Each issue will feature an updated six-month grid, showing the evolving shifts in "the clicks" and where they really come from.
  • Interviews with search engine technologists, and marketing professionals to provide some insight on where the industry is headed.
  • Understanding the Ratings, ongoing analysis and opinion on statistics culled from Nielsen NetRatings — which search engines are "on top" and why.
  • What are you searching for? A regular B2B feature on what a survey of a variety of small business owners are actually using search engines for.
  • The SEI Annual Survey. Every six months, we publish results from our qualified subscriber survey, describing how online marketers are using search engines, keyword marketing, and contextual advertising, to drive their client's business in an "online world."
  • Beyond META Tags — tips and techniques for helping your website be "found" by search bots.
  • ...and much more!

About the Editor
Executive Editor, Christopher Laird Simmons, has been a "guerilla marketing" professional for over 20-years, and has been involved with Internet marketing since the early days of AOL and GEnie, and search engine marketing on "the Web" since March of 1995. He has been a contributing editor on the masthead of Micro Publishing News, Digital Imaging, CrossMedia, and Digital Author. He has written for additional publications such as the Graphic Artists Guild news, Computer Player, Polyphony (now Electronic Musician), SPAZZ, and Print on Demand Business. He is a member of the Public Relation Society of America (PRSA) and recently served as a judge for the 2002 Excellence in Tech Journalism Awards.

Mr. Simmons has been involved with the launch of over 600 websites since 1995, including projects for Oprah Winfrey's Civitas, NO FEAR, and he developed the original brand identity and entire corporate content for the launch of the "pay for performance" search portal. He has owned and managed a keyword optimization business since 1995, directly helping hundreds of websites achieve improved rankings in major search engines. He has written widely on Web development and content management, including DRM, Internet imaging, and small and medium business promotion. He has been invited to speak at Seybold, and the annual meeting of the American Intellectual Property Law Association, among others. He was directly involved in enabling the launch of the MacMall catalog company, and is a former VP of Marketing for one of the Top100 VARs in the US. He has been widely interviewed on the subject of Web hosting, Internet technologies, PDF publishing, and small business promotion by publications like PC World, Home Business, TrendWatch, and most recently Entrepreneur. He founded Neotrope Press, publisher of Search Engine Intelligence™, in 1978.

Contributing Editors
Our contributors will be opinion leaders, and experienced professionals involved in the business of marketing, search positioning, and Internet technology.

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